How to Make The Most of Your Money

8 May 2016

Remember the days when you had to ask your parents to buy you something you wanted? Back then, I certainly never had to worry one bit about fishing for change in my back pocket. But alas, with independence and adult life comes the bittersweet responsibility of money. At first, you feel pretty powerful looking at your bank account when you get your first proper paycheck or installment of your student loan. But then comes the bills, one after the other. First rent, food and then utilities - the practical trio as I like to call them. Before you know it, that big lump sum you had at the beginning of the month ... well it's starting to shrink fast.

Every penny seriously counts as an adult. Sometimes the difference between one pound or two in your weekly grocery shopping could help you book a holiday far far away later in the year. The idea of saving may seem pretty daunting, but it's well worth doing in the long term. Future you will be very happy you did so! On that note, here are five tips to help you make the most of your pennies.

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