Five Wattpad Stories You Need To Read

1 May 2017

Fiction is my addiction - my Achilles heel if you will. So it's no surprise really when I tell you that two years ago when I discovered Wattpad for the first time, I became obsessed. For the record when I mean obsessed, I mean practically reading at least two books or more per week. Since my last post about Wattpad (Five Reasons Why Wattpad is Awesome), I have come to realise it's biggest flaw...

With so many stories being published and updated everyday, it's hard to separate the incredible stories you thoroughly enjoy from the ones that just don't speak to you. Let's face it, who has the time to sift through the entire Wattpad catalogue? Recommendations are definitely the way forward. On that note, here are five stories I have fallen in love with and that you need to read asap!

James & Lyla

How do you deal with the aftermath of a breakup? How do you move forward from that very moment your heart was broken? In a series of letters to her ex-boyfriend, Lyla comes to terms with her heartache and reflects on the end of her relationship with James. Through a series of letters, she finds comfort and closure which leads her to discover so much more.

Not your typical teenage love story, James and Lyla is one of the more darker emotionally powerful stories I've ever come across on Wattpad. Relationships are complicated especially when obstacles come their way. Watching Lyla explore the events of her relationship with James is one of the most poetic and vulnerable tales I've ever read anywhere.

Once Upon a Royal One-Night Stand

When her ex-boyfriend leaves her heartbroken, Hailey finds comfort in a one-night stand with a random stranger. Her knight in shining armour just so happens to be a prince. In this coming of age tale where Princess Diaries meets Love, Rosie, Hailey tries to navigate her way through university, her developing relationship with Matt and the pressures of fraternising with the royals.

This story is absolutely hilarious and thoroughly entertaining. I honestly can't wait to see how Hailey and Matt's relationship continues to develop through the obstacles they face. What's even more incredible is that this story will be published once it's finished. Get your paws on this one quickly guys before the rest of the world does!
In this Teen-Wolf-meets-Harry-Potter crossover, Enchanted is set in the world of the cheeky Marauders represented by Stiles, Scott, Isaac and Danny. As the boys cause mischief across Hogwarts halls, Stiles finds himself drawn to the hardworking conscientious Lydia Martin and he just can't stay away.

Creating a crossover between two of the most iconic and well-known fandoms of all time has to be one of the most challenging tasks ever. But I really have to say, the author completely owns this entirely! Beautifully capturing the essence of the characters and creating a unique spin on the universe, Enchanted is utterly captivating. There are layers to this world that I am so excited to see unfold!


In this futuristic dystopia universe, werewolves have taken over Earth, while humanity has sought refuge underground. Willow - the daughter of the founder and heir to the throne so to speak - has always dreamt of seeing the outside world for herself and exploring the mysteries that lie above. On her journey upwards, she stumbles across a world filled with danger and conflict. But yet somehow in the midst of all the chaos, she finds herself drawn a werewolf named Arlo.

Wattpad is overflowing with werewolf stories fuelled by fantasy. But there's something very special about Willow that makes this story so extraordinary. Not only does it realistically explore the tension between humankind and werewolves theoretically of course, but also has the most well-developed, dynamic and entertaining relationships I've seen in the genre. Such a pleasure to read!

You Should Come With a Warning

With a possessive boyfriend thousands of miles away, Lydia is a college freshman living life one day at a time. On a chance encounter in the co-ed bathrooms of all places, she meets Stiles Stilinski, - an endearing bad boy with undeniable wit and a cheeky attitude - who is a storm to be reckoned with.

Perfectly showcasing the complexity of relationships in the ambiguous college environment, You Should Come With a Warning is a realistic telling of the development of undefined relationships. One of my favourite things about fanfiction is it can truly amplify and really play with the canon characteristics we are so used to seeing, and this so doesn't disappoint!

What Wattpad stories do you recommend? Share them down below and I'll check them out!

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