003. The Lizzie Bennet Diaries

19 January 2014

'The Lizzie Bennet Diaries'  is a modern adaptation of Jane Austen's 'Pride and Prejudice'  in the form of a web-series. Told through video logs, Elizabeth Bennet verbally explores the life of her sisters, post-graduation plans and her undeniable feelings for Darcy.

It is amazing how this old tale, that has been retold countless amounts of times, has been appropriately adapted to fit into modern day life. This approach makes the story more accessible for people who don't necessarily relate to the world of 19th century as well, in my opinion. It isn't easy bringing to life an old story into a modern world, but Hank Green and Bernie Su did an incredible job of making it believable. There are so many incredible plot lines that bring this story into the 21st century, such as modern notions of educated and working females, and Lizzie vlogging her frustrations through the use of digital technology. 
This web-series is so brilliantly constructed, and beautifully crafted.

We manage to get a feel of all these characters we get a small glimpse of throughout the series by Lizzie's impersonations and their appearances as well. The impersonations were such an inventive and creative to incorporate new characters into the story, and Lizzie's feelings towards them. I enjoyed experiencing every single character, especially through Lizzie whose impersonations were just so perfectly executed and so very very entertaining to watch! Ashley Clements, who played Lizzie Bennet, did an amazing job in this series. To say anymore, I feel would only just ruin the suspense. And to be perfectly honestly, this series was just done at an incredible standard that I myself could never have accomplished. Hank Green is a genius who I will always look up to, and everyone involved with this series did an amazing job of bringing to life of an olden tale with a modern twist. That Emmy was definitely well deserved. I highly recommend this web-series, and I assure you the only thing you'll regret is not seeing it sooner!

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