Nine Things I wish happened on Teen Wolf: Season Four

7 October 2014

It's been almost three weeks since the season finale of Teen Wolf, and I can not stop thinking about that jaw dropping episode where we faced our -some what- final battle against Peter Hale and Scott McCall. While this season was jam packed with action including the dead pool, romance and wolf drama, there were so many moments missing from the show. So many things I wished had been included this season. As much as I enjoyed this season, I felt that Jeff Davies's ambitious nature really did get the best of him. Instead of creating so much action for the show, I wish Jeff had put more time and energy into explaining some events in more detail or even just addressing them directly. With all these new supernatural factors added into the mix, there were still quiet a few unresolved matters and abandoned plot lines circling the show. So without further ado, here are nine things that I wish happened on Teen Wolf, Season Four. 

9) Joining the Beacon Hills Supernatural Club

After revealing that 'oblivious' Danny has in fact, been aware of all the supernatural happenings in Beacon Hills after all this time, you would think that we would be seeing more of him. But yet, he was no-where to be seen - despite the amount of lacrosse games played this season. There are just so many questions behind his knowledge of the supernatural world. How long has he known about the werewolves? Did Jackson tell him before he left? I would have loved a flashback scene with Jackson, telling Danny all about the existence of the supernatural. To drop such a bomb-shell as this, and not discuss it the entire season was pretty unforgivable. 

8) The Fox and The Wolf 
Earlier in season three, Noshiko Yukimura mentioned to her daughter that wolves and foxes don't tend to get along, and ever since that thought has intrigued me. Although I'd love to see Kira and Scott's relationship develop, I also want to see what this particular story line means for the pair. I believe we need some kind of context or story of this experience. Maybe another trip down memory lane would help. Something tells me that Noshiko has been down this path before. I wonder, if Scott and Kira are really an exception to this case? I'd love to see that storyline unfold!

7) Stalia - Taking it slow  

By the end of Season 3B, Stiles finally returned back to his - somewhat - normal self after being possessed by Void, and Malia was trying to find her feet after living in the forest as a were-coyote for almost a decade. Both of the teens needed some time apart to figure out their lives after the events in season three.
 While Stiles needed to readjust into everyday life after the Nogitsune, Malia needed to time to adjust to modern day society. Rushing the relationship between Stiles and Malia has been another mistake made this season. I wished their relationship had been built slowly, and blossomed over time while they grew from their own personal struggles as individuals. 

4)The reunion - Malia and her father
It's rather bizarre that after losing his entire family, Henry Tate - Malia's adopted father - would just let Malia roam around town without a care in the world. You'd think that he'd be happy to have his daughter back alive, and would be a rather present figure in her life. It would have been interesting seeing the struggle between Henry and Malia to not only move forward from their past, but also re-establish their relationship as father and daughter. To not include this important aspect of Malia's character - who has become a main character on the show - I believe is just plain wrong.

Malia's character has a lot of potential, and right now Jeff Davies is only just scratching the surface. Up till now, it seems her only role on the show has been being a member of Scott's pack and Stiles romantic love interest. In season five, I would love to see her have the opportunity to grow as an individual character.

5) The Hale Family - Talia
Over the past couple of seasons, we seem to have snippets into the lives of the Hale family, including Talia Hale. Although these stories have been enjoyable and incredible to watch, my heart craves for more! I would love to know more about the Hale family once and for all - especially Talia, who was considered to be one of the most powerful leaders in the werewolf community. I'm hoping to see more of this history through the evolutionary process of Derek into his wolf transformation. I am desperate to know how Deaton become romantically involved with Talia. That story just must be told, at one point or another! Five seasons on, it's about time we took a deeper look into the Hale family, who seem to dominate the ancestry of Beacon Hills supernatural team.

4) The Were-jaguar 

With the introduction of the Kanima, Kitsune and Nostigune, there has always been some kind of focus on these characters mythologies. And yet, this season had nothing to really show for it's were-jaguar. The lack of focus on Kate was completely misleading, especially from last season's finale. Kate became the psuedo villian, till Peter took his place. While I can appreciate this amazingly brilliant plot twist, I really wish we had more insight into the character of the were-jaguar. Between the dead pool and the anticipated show down between Peter and Scott -the highlight of this season might I add -, Kate slipped through the cracks. After twelve episodes, I still have so many questions about her character. Derek once said, "the shape you take reflects the person that you are". So what does the were-jaguar represent? And what does that say about Kate Argent herself? Hopefully season five will tell. 

3) The True Alpha 

From the very beginning of season one, we have been told the alpha is the ultimate form of a werewolf. So when Season 3A introduced the idea of the true alpha - the ultimate alpha -, it seemed fitting that we would learn more about the nature of an alpha once and for all. But since then, we haven't really seen Scott developing his powers as an Alpha- despite all the threats that come his way. He has essentially been in training without actually training. And while we may have got a glimpse at his powers this past season finale, it would be nice to see it developed progressively. Wouldn't it have been amazing if Derek actually taught Scott how to unleash his inner alpha to his full potential? I can just imagine the intensity of those training sessions!

2) Void Stiles and The Aftermath

While Scott and Alison somehow managed to close the ajar doors in their minds, Stiles was unfortunately less fortunate. After becoming possessed by
Void, Void Stiles killed and tortured those Stiles loved and cared for. The impact this must have had on Stiles after everything must have been detrimental. And yet, there was barely any mention of it this season. For the record Jeff, mentioning it passing in the episode The Benefactor does not count. As painful as it would have been, I would have loved to seen Stiles facing his inner demons; being afraid to address Chris Argent or his friends after everything Void Stiles had done, assuming responsibly and guilt for Alison's death. Skipping that aspect not only destroyed what season 3B had been working towards but also hindered the potential character development we could have seen in Stiles. To grow from something so sinister, would have been an amazing journey to witness. 

1) Mourning Alison Argent
It's not easy to lose someone close to you in life - especially when you're a teenager. As a teen, events and emotions are just so much more heightened, as you are experiencing things for the first time. Alison was apart of the pack from the very beginning, and had close ties to all the members of the Beacon Hills supernatural team. To not show the impact of her death in the everyday lives of her friends is one of the biggest mistakes Jeff Davies has made this season. Just because 'time has elapsed' within the show, doesn't mean that the gang have truly moved on from the loss of Alison Argent. I wish we could have seen the heart-breaking reluctance to move forward, the memories they held dear of her, or even the fear of losing someone else! Two months may have passed, but at least show the remaining scars of her death through her friends!   

So what did you all think of this season finale? Anything else missing from the list? Let me know in the comments below, and I shall see you next time! ^_^

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