016. Love, Rosie

13 April 2015

Based on the best selling novel, Love Rosie tells the story of best friends Alex and Rosie, through a series of letters sent over the years, as they experience love and life together and apart.

Love Rosie is an enjoyable read, that definitely has some hilarious moments that will have you laughing so hard! But what struck me the most about this story is it tells the realistic struggle of adulthood. Not many romantic novels I've seen have done that pretty accurately. It's honest and authentic - well worth reading whatever age you may be. My only main flaw with this book was it dragged out its love story unnecessarily, draining out its quirky nature and narrative till it's very end. 

Now, time for s
poilers. Back away from the computer if you have not read this yet. Spoilers be waiting ...

I love how Love, Rosie is shows the complexity of relationships over time, especially as both Alex and Rosie grow up apart in their separate lives from one another. It's a realistic portrayal of what happens to friendships when life, unseen circumstances and other people get in the way - words left unsaid, unresolved tensions that don't always find resolutions. Experiencing their love story through letters was an absolute highlight - especially as we see these characters evolve and come into their own.

Another thing I really loved about this book was it's message - it's never too late to find love. Through all of life's ups and downs, there is something special to be experience and enjoyed. Life is never perfect, but it's those imperfect moments that make us who we are, and led us to the places we need to be. Rosie didn't choose to become pregnant, but Katie was a miracle in disguise. Such a beautiful silver-lining I'd say!

As I said earlier, I really didn't like the fact that Cecelia Ahern dragged out the love story between Alex and Rosie for so long. It became agonising, and unbelievably frustrating. Never in my life have I felt so annoyed, but yet wanted to read on so badly to just come to find bitter-sweet conclusion. Knowing that Alex and Rosie missed out on a few decades of happiness over so many miscommunication was heartbreaking. And frankly, it felt like an Indian Drama. All over again!

I also wasn't a fan of Toby and Katie mirroring Alex and Rosie's relationship. Not every single boy and girl friendship there is has turned into friendship, and I was hoping that there would at least be one friendship that was a testament to that. Plus, I called it from the moment we heard about Toby. Way too predictable for my liking!

Overall, Love Rosie was an enjoyable read and an interesting look into adult life from two different perspectives. Though it had some flaws, I see potential for it's movie counterpart. I really can't wait to see what the film has to offer, and by the looks of things I'm in for such a treat. Lily Collins and Sam Cliffin seem to really make the perfect couple!

What did you think of Love, Rosie? Hit or Miss?

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