Darkest Night: The Ultimate Dream Crate

24 April 2017

Popular culture has always been my favourite form of entertainment. There's something captivating about the fictional universe. It's no wonder that the passion the fans hold near and dear has led to the most amazing forms of creativity, from artistic graphics to fanfiction. Arguably the best result of fan creativity has to be the intricately themed monthly subscription boxes. Without knowing where to look, it can be quite difficult to find the quirky and unique gems that lie hidden in the depths of the internet. That is why subscription boxes like Loot CrateFairyLoot and OwlCrate are so amazing, because they contain hidden treasures that fanboys and fangirls myself just adore!

But the one theme I have yet to see is the Darkest Nights. The best moments in life and fiction happen during the late evening when the world seems so still and quiet, but yet somewhere in the distance, the adventure has only just begun. The Darkest Nights are a time where heroes and villains carry out their deeds and debts; where the action, drama and romance flourish into the breeze alongside the nights' sky. It's only fitting therefore to create a themed box dedicated to the cause. So without further ado, here is my ultimate dream crate inspired by the series and fandoms that made me fall in love with the night!

Rest In Peace, My Dear Friend

10 April 2017

Speechless is how you left me. One hundred and sixty-eight hours later and I'm still struggling to find words to explain, to comfort, to process. My mind won't let me believe you no longer exist in the same universe; that we no longer breathe the same air.  

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