Five Wattpad Stories You Need To Read

1 May 2017

Fiction is my addiction - my Achilles heel if you will. So it's no surprise really when I tell you that two years ago when I discovered Wattpad for the first time, I became obsessed. For the record when I mean obsessed, I mean practically reading at least two books or more per week. Since my last post about Wattpad (Five Reasons Why Wattpad is Awesome), I have come to realise it's biggest flaw...

With so many stories being published and updated everyday, it's hard to separate the incredible stories you thoroughly enjoy from the ones that just don't speak to you. Let's face it, who has the time to sift through the entire Wattpad catalogue? Recommendations are definitely the way forward. On that note, here are five stories I have fallen in love with and that you need to read asap!

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