2017: A Year In Song

29 December 2017

2017 was the year of chaos, childhood reboots and the domination of K-Pop boybands! It's no secret that we all faced incredible hardships this year, but let's not forget the breathtaking moments we witnessed this year that really restored faith in humanity. As we say goodbye to another year, let's celebrate the awesomeness we've shared through the power of the voice and song.

eBook Finds: Spectacular Offers for November On Now!

2 November 2017

Reading is the most inexpensive form of travel and entertainment known to man. It's a fact without a doubt. I love to read and I know there are so many who feel the same. But when you're as addicted to books as they come, book buying can literally burn a hole in your paycheck if you aren't careful. That's honestly why I've come to love eBooks so much. Not only do you get incredible book deals, but they are also so easy to carry around. There's just not added worry of denting or destroying pristine book covers and clean-cut pages while you're manoeuvring on public transport.

Since I'm an avid bargain hunter, I've decided that I'll be posting my monthly finds at the beginning of the month for you to enjoy. Now check out these awesome finds and enjoy to your heart's content fellow book nerds!

Why I've Distanced Myself From Social Media

25 September 2017

I absolutely love the internet. It's inspired me to embrace creativity, express myself and even pursue my dreams. Since I started blogging at the age of 14, so many things have changed. Before there was a pure focus on content solely. Whereas now, as a blogger or even a millennial, there's an expectation to be active on the socials and really showcase your personality and lifestyle. It's a beautiful thing being able to connect with so many, but how truly connected are we?

Surviving East High

16 September 2017

In celebration of the anniversary of High School Musical, here is a little tribute to the story that made our childhoods epic!

Oh you look like you're new here. Let me fill you in on the details ... I was once the new kid on the block, and trust me when I say this, you're lucky to have me on your side kiddo. You see East High isn't like other schools. Now you may be thinking I'm crazy here, but seriously, this school is run on a tight-ship. We have a status quo, one that can not be messed with. Unless you want to deal with queen-bee Sharpay Evans that is. She may look innocent from far, but she's as feisty and fierce as you come. 

Follow these golden rules and your time at East High shall be a breeze!

Does the cinema experience affect the way you see a movie?

26 August 2017

Pitch black and starry bright lights, there is nothing quite like seeing a movie for the very first time plastered across the big screen, sinking into those crimson velvet chairs while you wait.
 The anticipation thickens as more and more trailers grace the high definition screen in front of your eyes. Once the showing begins, you are captivated by the universe right before you. The memory of that awkward little eye duel you had with the stranger sitting beside you fades away entirely, while you immerse yourself in this utter fictional goodness.

24 Amazing ebooks Deals on Right Now!

12 August 2017

Accurate as of August 2017
There is truly nothing that compares to reading a physical copy of a novel in your hands. Gripping each page with such intensity as you try to uncover the mysteries hidden beneath, but yet also trying very very hard to persevere each page with such tender loving care. The struggles of a bookworm I tell you ...

Before I bought my Amazon Fire tablet last year, I couldn't stand the idea of ebooks. It just didn't feel quite the same ... And while physical books are irreplaceable, there is something amazing about being able to read on the go with ease and also buy so many books without breaking the bank! I am a sucker for checking out deals on Amazon, and can not stand to keep these to myself any longer. So without further ado, here are 24 books currently on offer right now. Enjoy to your heart's content fellow book nerds!

Five Wattpad Stories You Need To Read

1 May 2017

Fiction is my addiction - my Achilles heel if you will. So it's no surprise really when I tell you that two years ago when I discovered Wattpad for the first time, I became obsessed. For the record when I mean obsessed, I mean practically reading at least two books or more per week. Since my last post about Wattpad (Five Reasons Why Wattpad is Awesome), I have come to realise it's biggest flaw...

With so many stories being published and updated everyday, it's hard to separate the incredible stories you thoroughly enjoy from the ones that just don't speak to you. Let's face it, who has the time to sift through the entire Wattpad catalogue? Recommendations are definitely the way forward. On that note, here are five stories I have fallen in love with and that you need to read asap!

Darkest Night: The Ultimate Dream Crate

24 April 2017

Popular culture has always been my favourite form of entertainment. There's something captivating about the fictional universe. It's no wonder that the passion the fans hold near and dear has led to the most amazing forms of creativity, from artistic graphics to fanfiction. Arguably the best result of fan creativity has to be the intricately themed monthly subscription boxes. Without knowing where to look, it can be quite difficult to find the quirky and unique gems that lie hidden in the depths of the internet. That is why subscription boxes like Loot CrateFairyLoot and OwlCrate are so amazing, because they contain hidden treasures that fanboys and fangirls myself just adore!

But the one theme I have yet to see is the Darkest Nights. The best moments in life and fiction happen during the late evening when the world seems so still and quiet, but yet somewhere in the distance, the adventure has only just begun. The Darkest Nights are a time where heroes and villains carry out their deeds and debts; where the action, drama and romance flourish into the breeze alongside the nights' sky. It's only fitting therefore to create a themed box dedicated to the cause. So without further ado, here is my ultimate dream crate inspired by the series and fandoms that made me fall in love with the night!

Rest In Peace, My Dear Friend

10 April 2017

Speechless is how you left me. One hundred and sixty-eight hours later and I'm still struggling to find words to explain, to comfort, to process. My mind won't let me believe you no longer exist in the same universe; that we no longer breathe the same air.  

We are Generation Millennial, and Someday We Will Rule The World

6 March 2017

They call us millennials. Lazy with technology at our fingertips they say. No clue about the meaning of life; wasting our time away. The lost generation absorbed in our mobiles and trending memes. We don't know how good we have it. And that's what it may seem on the outside, but we are so much more than that. 

We're the underdogs on a mission.

Four Podcasts To Keep You Company On Your Commute

20 February 2017

You're waiting on the platform for your next train into work. The sky is a blended mixture of light pale blue and auburn. The bitter cold from the morning air hits your cheeks, while you're sandwiched between two strangers. As your neighbour taps his boot against the concrete, you can't help but peer over the edge of the platform searching for on-coming trains. Finally, the train arrives, but as it's the early morning rush hour, you struggle to find a seat and are left standing in the crowd. Next to you is a young teen, blasting the latest rap tune gracing the Big Top 40. The beat pulses through the airwaves on the tight-knit carriage. How can you escape the chaos around you for the next hour? How do you entertain your mind from solid boredom?

Podcasts have honestly been my personal life-saver on the morning commute. An entertaining topic and captivating voice can definitely make that incredibly long journey fly by. They can be a great way to brighten up your morning. I've fallen in love listening to engaging stories and found inspiration from the great and passionate. So today, I'm going to share a few of my favourites with you.

How Trump Brought The World Together

6 February 2017

I still remember the day 9/11 took place. As an eight-year-old, I was horrified that such an act could even occur in the name of religion; a religion that had taught me I could not even harm a spider intentionally. How could these terrorists really label themselves as Muslims when they didn't even know the meaning of the word? Fast forward to several years later, I remember the dread of hearing of another terrorist attack. Not only because so many more innocents had been injured and harmed by another act of horror, but also because of the inevitable blame that would come towards Islam; towards individuals who had no play in such horrors. I can vividly recall stories and memories of the prejudice and fear I and my fellow Muslims have faced because of these events. In all honesty, every time a terrorist attack happens, I have always feared the backlash of what may occur.

Last week that horror came to life when Trump brought chaos to the world. Our worst fears came true. By creating an order to preventing travel to and from seven Muslim nations, Donald Trump specifically attempted to alienate the population based on religion and race, with no factual evidence to back up his claims. Thousands have been affected by the travel band, including Americans themselves who not only have legal right to live in the USA, but have passed all the necessary measures to be citizens of the state. What Trump fails to truly realise is that ISIS and Islam are not unanimous. Muslims are not the problem. Just like Jews were not the problem during the Nazi Hilter reign. In fact, his so-called measures give ISIS more ammunition to recruit in underdeveloped nations, where Education is considered a luxury. I couldn't believe that I was witnessing humanity take a step back into the dark ages.

But then something beautiful and incredible happened. The entire world stood up against Trump and his ideals. Today I've seen so many people standing up injustice. I've seen the world unite to support those affected. Never have I felt more touched and accepted by the entire universe. Seeing the world unite together and defend my fellow Muslims has been one of the most touching experiences of my life. In fact - in these dark times - it gives me hope that we can get through this battle. I'm so proud of humanity. And while the fight against this injustice isn't over, I take comfort in the fact that we are united as one. Thank you humanity. You've not only restored my faith in the universe, but also made me proud to be human. Thank you to every single one of you fighting for equality. I could not be more grateful to be a citizen of this universe. And in some weird twisted way, I would have never been able to witness this without Trump and his crazy antics. Congratulations Trump, you've brought the universe together, and made us realise we all have something in common - our humanity.

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Does 'The American Dream' still exist?

30 January 2017

Last year whilst I was surfing across the interwebs, I stumbled across an article by Teen Vogue stating that '48% of millennials believe the American dream is dead'. Now considering the current state of events taking place in 2016 - Trump being elected for President and ruining the universe - it isn't surprising at all of the results. But it got me thinking, what does the American Dream mean in the modern age and our generation? Can its ideals truly exist in our society?

The American Dream signifies a time when people travelled from far and wide across the globe to the promised land. America was the blessed paradise where dreamers could make a name for themselves and secure their families future. Settlers could work hard and create a home in a suburban county, surrounded by a white picket fence. They would work hard and tirelessly towards the opportunity to succeed and stand up for what they believed in. The American Dream is a nostalgic ideal that transcends beyond the nation of its origin. 

Back in the day, things were different. The world was based on national pride. Globalism hadn't conquered the universe yet. In order to be successful, you need to go where success was made. You had to live near where you worked. You would work in an organisation and work your way up the ladder until retirement. That was the norm. Though that principle exists, time has changed. Circumstances have changed. 

People don't dedicate their working lives to one company anymore - they move around and test the waters. Teenagers and millennials alike create careers out of bedroom hobbies, producing videos, written content and audio tracks without the help of the professionals. There are thousands of people who work globally and remotely through the use of technology. We can become the masters of our own invention and sell products directly to an audience, through Etsy, Ebay and other online outlets. The gatekeepers have to prove their value and worth, in a world where access is freely and instantly available at the touch of your fingertips. America is no longer the only go-to for success. Success is not defined by where you came from. It's defined by you and what you value you most in this world. 

Maybe the American Dream is evolving into that we can relate to. It's our generation and the changes we face that determine what that might be. It's evolving into an ideal of what we'd like the world to be. A world where we can live together and also support each other, beyond labels and prejudice hindering our progress. It's a future we hope that we will come to see one day as we continue to fight the circumstances of society. 

So what do you think? What does the American Dream mean to you? Does it still exist? 

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